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Assisted Living Resource Center

Getting Started

Characteristics of Assisted Living

What is Assisted Living?

More Information:
- Assisted Living FAQs
- Common Myths about Assisted Living
- Types of Rooms Found in Assisted Living
- Bathrooms in Assisted Living
- Amenities
- Assisted Living Regulations
- Assisted Living Photo Gallery
Who are the residents?

Who Lives in Assisted Living?

More Information:
- Senior Citizens and the Elderly
- Disabled
- Younger Adults
- Hearing Problems
- Vision Problems
- Assisted Living for Couples
Safe, Secure, Independent

Services Provided

More Information:
- Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
- Dementia & Alzheimer's Care
- Medication Management
- Supervision and Assistance
- Individual Service Plans (ISPs)
- Transportation
- Safe and Supportive Lodging
- Facility Activities
- Respite Care
- What to Expect from Assisted Living Care?
Staff and Administration

Staff and Administration

More Information:
- What Staff Will Residents be in Contact with?
- Assisted Living Administrators
- The Role of Aides
- Volunteers in Assisted Living
- Staff Training
Evaluate the Care That's Needed

Quiz: What type of care is right for me?

More Information:
- Vs. Independent Living
- Vs. Home Care
- Vs. Nursing Homes
- Hospice Care
Make a gentle suggestion

Talking to a Parent

More Information:
- Signs It's Time for Assisted Living
- Estate Planning
- Power of Attorney
- Advance Health Directives
- Wills

Paying for Assisted Living

Costs of Assisted Living

Assisted Living Costs

How to Pay for ALF

Ways to Pay for Assisted Living

More Information:
- Private Funds for Assisted Living
- Social Security Benefits
- Annuities
- Lines of Credit
- Reverse Mortgages
- How a Reverse Mortgage Pays Assisted Living Expenses
- Part-Time Work
- Trusts
- Life Insurance
- Life Care Funding
- Long Term Care Insurance
- Medicare Supplemental Insurance
- Veterans Benefits
- Disability Benefits
- Section 8 Housing
- Medicare
Creating a Financial Plan

Putting Together a Financial Plan

Options to Pay

If You Can't Afford Assisted Living

Many Rely on Social Security

Planning Your Social Security to Better Pay for Retirement

Help for Drug Costs

Prescription Drug Assistance

Making the Move

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

More Information:
- Checklist for Visiting Assisted Living Facilities
- Admissions and Discharge Policies
- Waiting Lists
- Resident Turnover
- Pets
- Assisted Living Facility Violations
- Assisted Living Facility Licenses
- Choosing Assisted Living in a Healthy County
- Making Sense of Assisted Living Ratings
Discuss the Move with Relative

Moving Out of the Family Home

More Information:
- Moving Elderly Parents When They Don't Want To
Help Seniors Move

Moving Into an Assisted Living Community

More Information:
- What Can You Bring to Assisted Living?
- Understanding Assisted Living Agreements
- Resident Assessments

Living in Assisted Living

Residents Benefit from Participating

Resident Activities

More Information:
- Socializing in Assisted Living
- Visitors
- Exercising in Assisted Living
- Gardening in Assisted Living
Resident's Needs Change

Resident Health

More Information:
- Common Health Problems for Residents
- Meal Planning
- Resident Rights
- Infections in Long Term Care
- Mobility
Medication Adherence Education

Medication Management and Adherance Education

Stop Elder Abuse


More Information:
- Problems in Assisted Living
- Reporting Problems
- Signs of Elder Abuse
- Senior Fraud Prevention
Health Technology

How Tech Advanced are Facilities?

For Staff and Owners

New Facility

Opening a New Assisted Living Facility

Statistics & Interviews

Assisted Living Statistics

General Facts and Statistics

More Information:
- Glossary of Terms
- How Will the ACA Affect Senior Citizens?
- Helpful Resources
History of Assisted Living

History of Assisted Living


Trends in the Industry

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Industry Expert Interviews

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