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Overall Rating 3.7 / 5.0 ★★★★★

  • Mindy Brown
    ★★★★★ in the last week

    Masonic Home is a beautiful place. The Administrator, Conjuna, is the best of the best. I worked for her for years and she taught me everything thing I know. She is beyond dedicated and would never ask an employee to do anything she wouldn't do herself. She treats her residents and families as she would her own. She truly cares about every resident and employee. She expects only the best from those who work for her so if I was ever in need to place a loved one in long term care - she would be the FIRST person I would call. I currently work for the long term care regulatory agency in Arkansas (Office of Long Term Care) and would not hesitate to say she provides fantastic care and leadership.

  • Nina Booth
    ★★★★★ in the last week

    I have to say that Masonic homes' residents and staff are very luck to have Conjuna Collier as their leader. Having worked with her for several years, I can say she is the best at what she does. I've never met anyone that knows the regs so well. She knows long term care and guidelines like the back of her hand. She also devotes her life to her facility. She's literally on call 24/7/365. She is always available if staff and residents need her. When I worked under her, she came in as the new director at our facility and took our facility to deficiency free status and kept us there! She is also a champion for the success and growth of her employees. I have personal experience of the opportunity for growth that she offers her staff. She's also not just the director, in the sense that she sits in an office. That couldn't have been farther from the truth. She was the first director I'd ever worked with that actually got out on the floor and worked along side staff. She could always be found answering call lights, passing meal trays, or assisting in activities!! She has devoted her entire career to providing quality care to the elderly population and any facility would be blessed to have her!

  • John Doe
    ★★★★★ a week ago

    I can completely confirm what Nancy Smith is saying, and actually, their courage to stand up and say something has sparked my anonymous review as well. I personally can vouch that the BED BUGS, ROACHES (not "water bugs"), MICE, BLACK MOLD, and BATS are everywhere and that there ARE "sick" residents WITH SCABIES (being told to families as "contact dermatitis") as well as SHINGLES who should be put on isolation to protect our other residents/staff. Just like there are some residents who get placed on isolation and then are allowed to come outside of their room when they're not only exposing themselves to more germs, but exposing our staff and other residents to these various illnesses to the point that family members have personally came to me outraged and wanting to know what is going on. Our own administrator even said in an all staff meeting that "we are NOT to tell people that there is black mold here. All it is, is water particles that got trapped inside the wall. So tell all your friends and family that Masonic Communities does NOT have black mold." Staff members are even getting called to the administrators office if she finds out that they've been talking about it which is a shame because people deserve to know.. especially if it's concerning their loved one. Residents are even getting moved from their rooms and placed into other rooms stating that their previous room is "unsafe" to go inside and blocking it off from all staff/residents/family until it's treated.. yet we "do not" have black mold? And there are still places that are and have been "under construction" when really they're closed off due to this situation such as the big living/sitting room on personal care. It's sad that our team of administration would rather visit Cancun multiple times a year and post pictures of them all going out drinking and having a great social life when we have actual needs around the facility that could use that money/attention such as our nursing, environmental, dietary, and therapy departments. Most employees are afraid to reach out and say something about the living conditions that residents are having to endure as well as the working conditions were put under for fear of retaliation from management (specifically, the administrator). I can personally say right now that I'm scared to post this anonymous review, but it needs to be shared and "Nancy Smith" doesn't need to stand alone on issues that ARE true and factual. I really hope this sparks someone else to comment too so that we can spark some change. It's sad when social agendas and personal bias overshadow the overall good and well being of the company and it's hard working employees as well as it's neighbors and their families. If this were a review about the housekeepers, cna's, therapists, nurses, dietary aides, and other people who work on the floor and understand what is actually going on within the facility and work hard to keep its doors open, then this would get 5 stars, but because this review is for the management, it gets a 1.

  • Belinda Johnson
    ★★★★★ in the last week

    It saddens me to read these reviews as a former long term employee of what was once a wonderful facility. I agree 100% with most of what was said by the other employees, I cannot attest to the current situation there but had heard similar rumors. I can say that I too was subjected to the bullying by the current administrator. She is manipulative in the worst kind of way. The worst part is that her actions against employees have been shared with the corporate office on numerous occasions but so far have fallen on deaf ears. The administrator has been very careful to portray herself in a most flattering light when in their presence, no one thinks for a minute she would let them see her true, conniving self do they? Masonic Home of Shelbyville was once "the" facility to take your loved one to for care. You were proud to work there and happy to serve the residents. Now you feel sorry for the staff and residents. The residents suffer because the staff are disgruntled due to the hostile work environment they are subjected to. Most of the the long term management team that re-built that facility from almost closure have left because of her or "retired". The ones that are left are barely hanging on. It's a sad situation and NO ONE is listening!!! I urge corporate to listen to the words spoken here. Current employees will not speak out due to fear of retaliation, trust me....there is retaliation if you speak out, I've seen it. Humiliating and degrading people is not ok, no matter your title. The company I knew and loved would have NEVER tolerated that. I pray daily for the residents and staff there. And I commend those who spoke out, you are so brave, people like you make the difference!!!! My heart wants to give MHS 5 stars but I have to give 1 star so that this review is heard and hopefully sheds light on the truth vs. the fake reviews that were posted in a desperate attempt to make the administrator look good.

  • Lucas Dunaway
    ★★★★★ in the last week

    I can say that because of Conjuna Collier, I am a better administrator today. I worked closely with her for years as her admissions/social services director and you will NEVER find a more loyal, harder working, more caring administrator. She taught me so much and had knowledge beyond anyone I'd ever worked with before. She was always very hands on, even working the floor herself in rare events of call-ins. She was always available 24/7 to speak with residents, families, or staff, and that's what made her outstanding at what she did. Those leaving negative reviews about her must not know the stress, long hours, sleepless nights, and constant issues administrators sometimes deal with. She is top notch, and I have no doubt she runs a Masonic Homes like a champion! You will be hard pressed to find better administration in long-term care! -Lucas Dunaway


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