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Cost of Maryland Assisted Living Facilities

According to the 2015 Genworth Financial cost of care survey, the average cost of assisted living in Maryland is $3,900 per month.

The monthly base rate for Maryland assisted living is typically lower when compared to neighboring states. Maryland is also more expensive compared to the national average.

This cost is the base cost for a one-bedroom assisted living unit in Maryland. Additional fees beyond the base rate may apply.

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Monthly Costs Compared to Neighboring States

West Virginia$3,500
Washington D.C.$7,838

Assisted Living Regulations

Maryland defines an assisted living facility as assisted living programs that are a residential program that provides housing, personal supervision, supportive services, some health care services, and assistance with ADL's or IADL's in a way that promotes the dignity and independence of a resident.

Maryland Assisted Living Facilities Scope of Care

Maryland assisted living facilities provide one of three levels of care - low, moderate or high. The particular levels of care are defined by what health and wellness services are provided to the residents. In low to moderate care, for example, staff must assist with two or more ADL's. Other services may include assistance with behavioral, psychological and psychosocial concerns. If temporary care if needed beyond a facility's certification, then a temporary 30-day waiver must be obtained. Home health care agencies may provide additional services as contracted by the resident.

Maryland Assisted Living Admission Requirements

All residents must go through an intake assessment within 48 hours of admission to determine the level of personal care needs, medication management needs, current medications, dietary preferences, allergies, and psychosocial issues. Residents may not be accepted who are on a ventilator, need more than intermittent nursing care, have stage III or IV skin ulcers, have a communicable disease, a chronic disease that involves intensive monitoring, or one that requires isolation.

Maryland Assisted Living Care Plan Requirements

A service plan is created for all residents at the time of initial intake assessment. Follow-up reviews must be conducted every six months.

Maryland Assisted Living Medication Management Requirements

A nurse is permitted to give medication, as is a facility manager or other staff who have been trained in a medication administration course. A pharmacist must conduct an onsite review of medications for residents taking more than nine medications, and schedule II and III narcotics have specific access requirements, as do any controlled substances.

Maryland Assisted Living Facility Requirements

Private rooms must offer 8- square feet of living space while double occupancy rooms must offer 120 square feet of living space per resident. Toilets with locked doors must be available to residents, with one toilet to every four residents. Facilities must have one bathtub or shower for every eight residents. The building must confirm to the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code 101.

Maryland Assisted Living Staffing Requirements

Staffing must be present to meet the needs of residents, as determined in their intake assessment. If the resident's assessment does not indicate needing nursing care or overnight care, there may not need to be awake overnight staff or direct care nursing staff on the premises at all times. An electronic monitoring system may be employed in place of overnight medical staffing. Staff must meet certain continuing education requirements. The manager of the facility must be 21m have a high school diploma or equivalent, and have the skills and training necessary to operate the facility. For level 3 facilities, significantly more training is required.

Maryland Assisted Living Medicaid Policy

Medicaid home and community-based services waiver and a state-funded program cover assisted living services if they are 50 or over and require Level 2 or 3 care.

Maryland Alzheimer's Care Requirements

If a facility wishes to have a special unit certified as a special care residence for those with dementia or Alzheimer's, additional regulation are in effect regarding training, policies and procedures.

Maryland Medicaid Coverage of Assisted Living and Related Services

The State of Maryland will pay for assisted living, if individuals require a higher level of need like nursing home care. The Maryland Medicaid program is called The Waiver for Older Adults.

The Maryland Waiver for Older Adults permits individuals that need nursing home level care to obtain it in their own home or an assisted living residence. Older adults prefer to live at home and this waiver assists them in doing so. Maryland determined that the cost of care for an older adult at home is less expensive for the state than it would be to place the individual in a nursing home. The cost of care is minimized because home care utilizes assistance from family members. Since the program is so popular in Maryland, waiting lists exist.

Services and Benefits provided by the Maryland Older Adults Waiver

Here is a list of the support services an older adult can obtain whether living in an assisted living community or at home. Case management will need to approve for any of the following:

- Adult medical day care

- Assisted living services

- Assistive technology

- Behavior counseling

- Dietitian & Nutrition services

- Environmental modifications & assessments

- Family or consumer caregiver training

- Home-delivered meals

- Medical daycare

- Personal care

- Personal emergency response systems

- Respite care

- Senior center plus

Waiver recipients are also entitled to receive the following services:

- Disposable medical supplies

- Durable medical equipment

- Home health care

- Limited pharmacy services

- Medicaid acute, primary, & preventive services

Persons living in Maryland and who are interested in applying for the Waiver should add their name to the Waiver Services Registry. The number to the Registry is 1-866-417-3480. The State of Maryland will notify registrants as slots open.

There is open enrollment to the program for interested nursing home residents whose stay has been paid for by Long Term Care Medicaid for 30 or more days. Applications are available by contacting the local Area Agency on Aging.

For more information on the Medicaid Home and Community Based Services Waiver, contact your local Senior Information and Assistance office.

How to apply - this program is available throughout Maryland however, enrollment is limited. Check with the local Area Agency on Aging for information and to apply.

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Health Care Quality

Phone (410) 402-8201

Contact: Cheryl Reddick Phone (410) 402-8180


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Maryland Contacts

Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Health Care Quality

Phone: (410) 402-8201

Valerie Richardson
Phone: (410) 402-8185

Much of the information above was adapted from the National Center of Assisted Living 2010 Regulatory Review.

License information source: Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

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