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Cost of Montana Assisted Living Facilities

According to the 2015 Genworth Financial cost of care survey, the average cost of assisted living in Montana is $3,560 per month.

The monthly base rate for Montana assisted living is typically higher when compared to neighboring states. Montana is also less expensive compared to the national average.

This cost is the base cost for a one-bedroom assisted living unit in Montana. Additional fees beyond the base rate may apply.

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Monthly Costs Compared to Neighboring States

South Dakota$3,023
North Dakota$3,239

Assisted Living Regulations

Montana defines an assisted living facility as a residential setting that coordinates or offers personal care, continuous supervision, health-related care, and activities. However, there are three categories of care that an assisted living facility may offer. Category A is the basic level of care with personal support services, while Category B residents need additional health and support services. Category C is for residents with severe cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer's disease or dementia, who cannot make their basic care decisions and need continuous care.

Montana Assisted Living Facilities Scope of Care

The availability of services varies according the level of care the facility is categorized to offer. All facilities, however, must provide personal services, assistance with medication, recreational activities, assistance with ADL's, and help arranging supportive medical care (such as making appointments for eye or dental care).

Montana Assisted Living Admission Requirements

A resident assessment is created upon admission to determine the appropriate level of care. For Category A resident admission, the client must not need chemical or physical restraints, be a danger to himself or others, may not need consistent help with more than three ADL's, does not need continuous nursing care, does not have a gastric tube, or a stage III or IV pressure ulcer. In Category B, residents can need help is four or more ADL's, need skilled nursing care, but does not need physical or chemical restraints and is not a danger to himself or others. In Category C, residents may have severe cognitive impairments and may try to leave the center and is unable to make his or her own decisions about basic care needs. However, the resident cannot require physical restraints or be a danger to himself or others.

Montana Assisted Living Care Plan Requirements

The service plan, created when a resident arrives, is reviewed 60 days later to make sure that the plan meets all of the resident's current needs.

Montana Assisted Living Medication Management Requirements

In a Category A setting, residents must self-administer their medication. In Category B, residents who are capable of administering their own medication are allowed to do so, while those who cannot may have direct care assistance. In Category C, medication is given by a licensed health care professional or by someone allowed to do so by the Montana Nurse Practice Act. A home health agency may also administer medication in any category facility.

Montana Assisted Living Facility Requirements

Private units require 100 square feet of space per person, while shared units require 8- square feet of space. In older homes, four residents in a room is acceptable, while newer facilities may have no more than two residents in a room. One toilet is required for every four residents, and one tub/shower is required for every twelve residents. Smoke detectors are required and smoking is limited to designated areas.

Montana Assisted Living Staffing Requirements

An administrator must hold a valid Montana nursing home administrator license or be in the process of receiving one. Staff members must be given orientation and trained to provide services that are required by each person's service plan. The abdominal thrust maneuver and first aid are required skills for all direct care staff.

Montana Assisted Living Medicaid Policy

Although there are a limited number of slots available, the Medicaid home and community-based services waiver does cover services in assisted living facilities.

Montana Alzheimer's Unit Requirements

In Montana, an Alzheimer's unit would be defined as a Category C facility for those with significant cognitive impairment. Staff members who work in this unit must have adequate training to meet the needs of this population. Direct care staff must be sufficient in number to meet the needs of the residents, including an awake and dressed staff person present during the night.

Montana Medicaid Coverage of Assisted Living and Related Services

The State of Montana has the Home and Community Based Services Medicaid Waiver that covers the cost of assisted living. It is also known as the Adult Residential Living.

This Montana Medicaid Waiver helps individuals who require a nursing home level care to obtain that same level of care at home or community. This waiver is sometimes referred to as the Elderly/Physically Disabled Waiver. It gives participants the option to self-direct their own care. They have the right to choose their care providers but the providers must be approved by the state. Certain family members are eligible to be hired as personal care attendants but spouses are excluded.

Adult Residential Living Services

The following services are determined case by case and can include:

- Adult Residential Living

- Adult Day Health Care

- Case Management

- Chemical Dependency Counseling

- Dietician

- Environmental Adaptations

- Habilitation Services

- Homemaker Services

- Home Modifications

- Nutrition

- Personal Assistance

- Personal Emergency Response Service

- Private Duty Nursing

- Psychosocial Counseling

- Respiratory Therapy

- Respite Care for the Caregiver

- Special Child Care

- Specialty Trained Attendant

- Specialized Medical Equipment & Supplies

- Services for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury

- Transportation Assistance and Coordination

How to apply - residents throughout Montana are eligible but waiting lists exist.

Learn more by visiting the state website or calling 1-800-219-7035.

Download this brochure to learn more about the self-directed care program.

Department of Public Health and Human Services, Quality Assurance Division

Phone (406) 444-2676

Contact: Traci Clark Phone (406) 444-1575


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Montana Contacts

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Quality Assurance Division

Phone: (406) 444-2676

Jan Kiely
Phone: (406) 444-1575

Much of the information above was adapted from the National Center of Assisted Living 2010 Regulatory Review.

License information source: Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services

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