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Cost of New York Assisted Living Facilities

According to the 2015 Genworth Financial cost of care survey, the average cost of assisted living in New York is $4,100 per month.

The monthly base rate for New York assisted living is typically lower when compared to neighboring states. New York is also more expensive compared to the national average.

This cost is the base cost for a one-bedroom assisted living unit in New York. Additional fees beyond the base rate may apply.

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Monthly Costs Compared to Neighboring States

New York$4,100
New Jersey$5,725

Assisted Living Regulations

New York defines an assisted living facility as a residential program that serves five or more adults, providing room, board, personal care and supervision, typically in apartment-like settings.

New York Assisted Living Facilities Scope of Care

In New York, an approved assisted living residence must also offer daily food service, 24-hour on-site monitoring, personal care support and case management services. They may also choose to provide housekeeping, activities, and assistance with medication.

New York Assisted Living Admission Requirements

To be admitted in an assisted living facility, a resident's medical condition must be stable, and with some assistance, they are capable of self-preservation. Residents may not be admitted or allowed to stay if they are permanently chairfast or bedbound, or require continuous nursing care. Residents may not be cognitively or mentally impaired in such a way that they would be a threat to themselves or others. In some cases, residents with additional nursing care needs can hire outside assistance from a home health care agency and stay in the facility.

New York Assisted Living Care Plan Requirements

All residents of a New York assisted living facility must have an individualized service plan (ISP) that was customized for their needs. The service plan must provide each resident with considerate and respectful care in a way that best promotes the resident's dignity, autonomy, and independence. It must be reviewed every six months or when required by the changing needs of the resident.

New York Assisted Living Medication Management Requirements

Medication may be self-administered and assistance may be given. Assistance may include: - prompting, - identifying the medication for the resident, - bringing the medication to the resident, - opening containers, - positioning the resident, - disposing of used supplies, and - storing the medication.

New York Assisted Living Facility Requirements

No more than two residents are allowed per room and residents must be allowed to have single occupancy units unless they choose to share. One full bathroom is required for every three residents. Fire codes are dependant on the size of the facility.

New York Assisted Living Staffing Requirements

Direct care staff must be sufficient in number to meet the needs of the residents, and regulations provide specific guidelines as to the ratio of residents and staff members. Administrators must be 21 years of age and meet the requirements for education and training. If they do not hold a license as a New York nursing home administrator, then 60 hours on continuing education must be completed every two years.

New York Assisted Living Medicaid Policy

Medicaid payment is available to residents who qualify for the Assisted Living Program with a capacity of 4,200 beds statewide, but not for assisted living residences.

New York Alzheimer's Unit Requirements

Staff members who work in this unit must have adequate training to meet the needs of this population. There must be written policies and disclosure that include criteria, activities, and staff training. There are also additional requirements regarding service plans, assessments, security and staffing.

New York Medicaid Coverage of Assisted Living and Related Services

The State of New York offers two Medicaid programs that help individuals who choose to live in assisted living. One is the Assisted Living Program (ALP), which provides units in a licensed assisted living community. The second program, the Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program, provides personal care services at home or in an assisted living community that does not participate in the Assisted Living Program (ALP).

The State's Assisted Living Program offers services in licensed assisted living residences for individuals who are medically qualified for nursing home care.

The Benefits of the Assisted Living Program

The program pays the basic cost for individuals to reside in an approved assisted living residence which includes:

- Case Management

- Family Support

- Long Term Rehabilitative Services

- Personal Care

- Respite Care

- Room & Board

- Housekeeping

- Psychiatric Services

- Skilled Nursing (as required)

- Physical and Occupational Therapy

- Included Recreational Activities

How to apply - the program is available throughout New York City and State and it allows for 6000 participants maximum. Individuals on Medicaid can contact participating ALP residences in their preferred geographic area - here is the complete list of the New York Medicaid funded Assisted Living facilities. You can also contact your local Area on Aging Agency.

Participants may be put on a waiting list. If you are placed on the waiting list, you can still receive some financial assistance from Medicaid that can used to offset personal care service costs in assisted living residences. However, this option does not contribute to room and board costs. Families in this position should look for affordable assisted living in their area.

What is the best number to call to get started? 1-631-434-6000

Is there a website?

New York's Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP)

This plan offers services to chronically ill or physically disabled individuals who have a medical need for help with activities of daily living (ADLs) or skilled nursing services. They included any of the services provided by a personal care aide (home attendant), home health aide, or nurse. Participants have the option to choose their personal caregivers.

How to find the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program? The state requires that your doctor send a completed Physician's Order for Services to the local social services district. After that, a social and nursing assessment by an assigned case manager will determine and recommend the amount, frequency and duration of services.

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Or call Lew Dubuque, Executive Director, 518-813-9537 or Constance Laymon, President, 518-598-9490

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New York Contacts

New York Department of Health

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Much of the information above was adapted from the National Center of Assisted Living 2010 Regulatory Review.

License information source: New York Department of Health

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