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Cost of Oklahoma Assisted Living Facilities

According to the 2015 Genworth Financial cost of care survey, the average cost of assisted living in Oklahoma is $3,345 per month.

The monthly base rate for Oklahoma assisted living is typically lower when compared to neighboring states. Oklahoma is also less expensive compared to the national average.

This cost is the base cost for a one-bedroom assisted living unit in Oklahoma. Additional fees beyond the base rate may apply.

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Monthly Costs Compared to Neighboring States

New Mexico$3,500

Assisted Living Regulations

Oklahoma defines an assisted living facility as an assisted living center providing supporting services to two or more people who need help with personal care and supervision, transfer, ambulation, or medical care.

Oklahoma Assisted Living Facilities Scope of Care

Each assisted living provider can determine their facility's scope of care, which may include Alzheimer's units, medication administration, help with personal care, intermittent nursing services, help with ambulation or transfer, and help with cognitive orientation. A hospice or home health care agency may provide additional services as needed, but are hired by the resident and in accordance with orders given by the resident's physician.

Oklahoma Assisted Living Admission Requirements

In an Oklahoma assisted living facility, a resident cannot be permitted who needs more care than the facility can reasonably provide. If a resident might be a threat to himself or others, if he or she needs chemical or physical restraints, or if the facility feels that they cannot meet the resident's needs for privacy or dignity, then the facility may not admit the person as a resident.

Oklahoma Assisted Living Care Plan Requirements

A written plan must be in place for all residents and must be reviewed quarterly by a licensed health care professional. If both the facility and the resident do not agree on the accommodations in the care plan, then the facility is allowed to terminate the residence of the client.

Oklahoma Assisted Living Medication Management Requirements

Administration of medication is permitted by unlicensed staff although they must receive training in a program that has been reviewed and approved by the Ohio Department of Health.

Oklahoma Assisted Living Facility Requirements

The design of the facility shall be effective to meet the mental and physical needs of the residents, allowing no more than two residents per room, and full bathrooms must be available for every four residents.

Oklahoma Assisted Living Staffing Requirements

Direct care staff must be sufficient in number to meet the needs of the residents. All staff must undergo a background check, and direct care staff must all be trained in CPR and first aid. CNA's must be under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. An administrator of the assisted living facility must have a nursing home administrator's license, a residential care home administrator's certificate of training, or a nationally recognized assisted living certificate of training and competency which has been approved by the Ohio Department of Health.

Oklahoma Assisted Living Medicaid Policy

A Medicaid waiver certification program for assisted living centers was initiated in Oklahoma in 2009.

Oklahoma Alzheimer's Unit Requirements

If an Oklahoma assisted living facility has an Alzheimer's unit, then certain written disclosures are required. Additionally, staff who work in the unit must have specific training for working with that population. At least one specially trained staff person must be present in the unit at all times. Additional policies apply to these units.

Oklahoma Medicaid Coverage of Assisted Living and Related Services

The State of Oklahoma pays for services in assisted living communities through the Medicaid's ADvantage Program Waiver.

The Oklahoma ADvantage Program Waiver is intended to help the frail elders to remain living at home instead of in a nursing home facility. Participants in the program have several long term care service options that allows the state manage and oversee the care services they receive. Participants also have a self-direct option.

The self-direction option is offered through the Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Services & Supports (CD-PASS). Under this plan, participants are able to choose their own personal care providers. Family members are eligible to be hired and paid for their caregiving. The CD-PASS option is not available in all counties at this time. Click on this Oklahoma Department of Human Services link to find out if the program is available in your county.

The ADvantage Waiver Services and Benefits

Participants can be approved to receive any of the following:

- Adult Day Health Care

- Case Management

- Disposable Medical Supplies

- Home Modifications for Improved Access

- Home Delivered Meals

- Hospice Care

- Occupational Therapy

- Personal Assistance Services

- Personal Care

- Physical Therapy

- Prescription Drugs

- Specialized Medical Equipment

- Speech Therapy

How to apply - you can find out if a waiting list exists by contacting your local Human Services Office or call 1-800-435-4711.

What is the best number to call to get started? 1-800-435-4711

Is there a website?

Additional Oklahoma Medicaid option available to senior citizens that may not have a waiting list:

Oklahoma Adult Day Services for the Elderly

The Adult Day (Care) Services for the Elderly Program helps residents who need nursing home or assisted living care. The program covers some or all of the cost of adult day care. Services delivered by the adult day care allows an individual to remain living at home or with family members and still receive the level of care they require without being placed in 24/7 residential care. Individuals are assessed and if approved, a Care Delivery Plan is created.

Adult Day Care (Centers) Benefits and Services

- Assistance with the activities of daily living / personal care

- Basic nursing services

- Congregate meals

- Medication oversight

- Recreational activities

- Supervision

- Transportation assistance

How to apply - an individual should first select the Adult Day Care Center within the area that you wish to attend and then request assistance. To find an adult day care center use this free service.

Learn about the program on the Department of Human Service's webpage or call 1-800-498-7995.

Department of Health, Protective Health Services Phone (405) 271-6868

Contact: Darlene Simmons (licensure) Phone (405) 271-6868

Mary Fleming, RN (inspection)

E-mail: and

Web Site:

Oklahoma Contacts

Oklahoma Department of Health, Protective Health Services

Phone: (405) 271-6868

Darlene Simmons (licensure)
Phone: (405) 271-6868
Mary Fleming, RN (inspection)

Much of the information above was adapted from the National Center of Assisted Living 2010 Regulatory Review.

License information source: Oklahoma's Official Web Site

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