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Cost of West Virginia Assisted Living Facilities

According to the 2015 Genworth Financial cost of care survey, the average cost of assisted living in West Virginia is $3,500 per month.

The monthly base rate for West Virginia assisted living is typically lower when compared to neighboring states. West Virginia is also less expensive compared to the national average.

This cost is the base cost for a one-bedroom assisted living unit in West Virginia. Additional fees beyond the base rate may apply.

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Monthly Costs Compared to Neighboring States

West Virginia$3,500

Assisted Living Regulations

West Virginia defines an assisted living facility or residential care community as a facility which offers group housing, housekeeping services, at least one meal a day, personal care and supportive services for four or more residents because they are physically or mentally impaired.

West Virginia Assisted Living Facilities Scope of Care

In a West Virginia assisted living facility, the staff may provide assistance with daily living activities and basic supervision. Residents may also make arrangements with hospice or a home health care agency.

West Virginia Assisted Living Admission Requirements

If a resident needs more than intermittent nursing care, then the resident may not be allowed to move in. An assisted living facility may not accept a new resident who has needs greater than what the facility can provide. While additional outside services can be contracted out, those services cannot interfere with other residents.

West Virginia Assisted Living Care Plan Requirements

Every resident must heave a complete physical upon admission and annually thereafter. Along with the physical, a function needs assessment must be completed by a licensed health professional and include the physical, dietary, activity and psychosocial needs of the resident. The functional assessment assists in the development of a care plan.

West Virginia Assisted Living Medication Management Requirements

Only licensed staff are permitted to assist residents with their medication, according to the Approved Medication Assistive Personnel policy.

West Virginia Assisted Living Facility Requirements

Only two residents are permitted per room, and double-occupancy resident units must offer no less than 80 square feet per resident. New facilities, construction or facilities undergoing renovations, require at least 100 square feet of livable space in a single unit and 90 square feet in a double. Common bathrooms are allowed.

West Virginia Assisted Living Staffing Requirements

Direct care staff must be sufficient in number to meet the needs of the residents. A direct care staff member who can read and write, knows CPR and first aid must be on duty 24 hours a day. If any nursing services are provided to residents by the facility, a registered nurse must provide oversight. An administrator must be on staff and has specific educational requirements that must be met. An administrator must have at least an associate's degree and be at least 21 years old.

West Virginia Assisted Living Medicaid Policy

There is no Medicaid home and community based waiver at this time.

West Virginia Alzheimer's Unit Requirements

In West Virginia, if an assisted living facility wishes to operate an Alzheimer's unit, then a license to do so must be obtained. Additionally, staff who work in the unit must have specific training for working with that population.

West Virginia Medicaid Coverage of Assisted Living and Related Services

The State of West Virginia does not pay for assisted living or any form of non-nursing home, residential care by its Medicaid waivers.

The Medicaid program that West Virginia offers its residents is the Personal Care Program. It is intended to help the elderly execute the activities of daily living; personal hygiene, bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, mobility and maintaining continence. These personal care services are delivered by approved, licensed home care aides and agencies. You can read the list of personal care providers here.

The personal care services delivered to participants at their home, homes of family members or in assisted living residences. If care is delivered in an assisted living community, no funds from the Personal Care Program can be slotted to pay for room and board costs.

West Virginia Personal Care Program Benefits

Participants are assessed and then approved for selected services needed. They include the following:

- Dressing

- Housekeeping

- Feeding

- Health-Related Tasks

- Medication Reminders

- Nutrition

- Personal Hygiene

How to apply - eligible individuals can receive assistance regardless of geographic location in West Virginia but they should find a care provider who is willing to travel to their place of residence. A family member or friend who lives in the area can serve as the individual's home care aide.

Persons can apply on the inROADS website or contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center or Area Agency on Aging.

What is the best number to call to get started? 1-866-987-2372

Is there a website?

Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Public Health, Office of Health Facilities Licensure and Certification Phone (304) 558-0050

Contact: Sharon Kirk Phone (304) 558-3151


Web Site:

West Virginia Contacts

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Public Health, Office of Health Facilities Licensure and Certification

Phone: (304) 558-0050

Sharon Kirk
Phone: (304) 558-3151

Much of the information above was adapted from the National Center of Assisted Living 2010 Regulatory Review.

License information source: West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources

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