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Industry Expert Interviews
Interviews with Experts in Various Fields Relating to Senior Care

We will cover important topics related to the senior care and assisted living industry by conducting interviews with various healthcare and industry experts. Below is the list of experts we have interviewed.

Pamela Villarreal, NCPA's Expert on Retirement

Pamela Villarreal
Pamela Villarreal

Pamela Villarreal is the National Center for Policy Analysis expert on retirement, economic growth and tax issues.

Villarreal has written studies and analyses on specific economic and retirement topics such as minimum wage effects, the jobs market, returns on stock and bond investments, retirement account reforms and the NCPA's state tax calculator. She has authored and co-authored numerous publications on diverse topics such as capital gains taxes, reverse mortgages, Social Security disability and baby boomers' spending habits. One of her studies, "Wealth, Inheritance and the Estate Tax," was coauthored with noted economist Jagadeesh Gokhale.

Villarreal's work on the NCPA's 401(k) borrowing calculator and the negative consequences to borrowing from a 401(k) is recognized by media throughout the country. Among those was Kathy Kristof, the award-winning personal finance columnist with the Los Angeles Times.

Villarreal routinely shares her insight with media outlets throughout the country. Her work covered by Fox Business News, Forbes, Bloomberg, The Washington Times and she has appeared in numerous interviews for television and radio stations and networks. She is a much in demand speaker on retirement and tax issues.

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Dr. Steve Leuck

Dr. Steve Leuck
Dr. Steve Leuck

We interviewed Dr. Steve Leuck, a pharmacist, and medication education expert, to discuss his thoughts about the current challenges involving medication management and medication adherence for those residents discharged from a hospital.

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Dr. Steve Leuck has been practicing both hospital and community pharmacy since 1987 when he graduated from the University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy with his doctorate. After the first 10 years of his practice in hospital pharmacy, Steve moved into an ambulatory care, community pharmacy setting, filling a position in the out-patient/clinic pharmacy at the local community hospital.

Over the years Steve has developed a passion for patient counseling and patient education. His passion led him to the understanding that current barriers to effective patient counseling do not always allow time for a pharmacist to provide patients with an effective medication counseling session.

With intent to bridge the medication-education gap between patients and their health care providers, Dr. Leuck founded AudibleRx TM.

AudibleRx TM provides pharmacy based, Medication Specific Counseling Sessions TM, in digital/audio format, to educate individuals to better understand their medication regimen, increase adherence and decrease adverse events.

After a patient listens to a medication education session on AudibleRx TM they have a clear idea of what they do and don't know about their medication, and then be in a better position to take educated questions back to their own health care provider.

Steve's goal is to educate his patients about their medications so they become motivated to participate in their own pharmaceutical care.

AudibleRx TM is FREE for individual users; however, before health care providers can offer this teaching tool, they must first obtain licensing rights.

AudibleRx TM is available in a Web Platform, Android App, iPhone App or HTML5 Web App. Please visit for more information.

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Carol Marak
Carol Marak

After seven years of helping her aging parents, Carol Marak has become a dedicated senior care writer. Since 2007, she has been doing the research to find answers to common concerns: housing, aging and health, staying safe and independent, and planning long-term.