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Assisted Living Photo Gallery
Browse real photos from assisted living facilities all across the United States

Assisted living facilities come in all shapes and sizes, from a house that can serve a few people to a large complex with over a hundred residents. The photos below are real assisted living facilities from all across the country that have submitted their photos for listings in our assisted living directory.


Below are some photos of the exteriors of real assisted living facilities. These should give you a good idea as to the wide range of facilities that are available.

Common Areas

Typically, most assisted living facilities will have a common area where residents can congregate. This could be a simple as a living room in a smaller resident or as expansive as a large lobby or courtyard in larger properties.

Apartment Style Facilities

Many assisted living residences offer apartment style living, where the resident has the privacy of their own room, including a kitchen, bathroom and private living area. Typically, an apartment-style room will have a higher cost due to the larger and more private living space.


Resident rooms are going to vary by facility size and type. Many assisted living facilities offer private rooms for residents, but many also offered shared living arrangements. Once again, costs are based on the size and style of room as well as the amenities of the facility and services needed for the resident. Most states have specific square footage requirements for resident rooms. Read more about the types of rooms in assisted living.


Many resident rooms have private bathrooms, but there are facilities that have shared bathrooms. Most state's have specific requirements about how many residents per shared bathroom. Read more about assisted living bathrooms. Below you will find an assortment of photos of resident bathrooms.

Services and Activities

Just like assisted living facilities different significantly in terms of size and style, the services and activities offered vary greatly. Many facilities try to offer a large number of activities for their resident community. Once again, price can be dictated by the amenities and activities a facility offers. Read more about the activities facilities offer in assisted living.

Carol Marak
Carol Marak

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